Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 Online

Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 Online

Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 Online ,There’s something about the main villains on The Flash where they never really are who they pretend to be. In Season 1, the Reverse-Flash hid out in plain sight as Harrison Wells, and in Season 2, Zoom pulled a fast one (pun intended) by cooking up Jay Garrick to throw our hero and friends off his scent.After 17 episodes, we still don’t know if there even is a Jay Garrick, or if Zoom was just using that name on his clone/double/whatever it was that was making time with Caitlin Snow. That said, answers are coming, and some of them may arrive in this week’s new episode, “Versus Zoom.”


Watch The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 Online

An interesting side note for fans who watched the Supergirl crossover: Does Barry even need to re-open the portals to Earth-2 to find Zoom? In that episode, he clearly had on the tachyon device (though we weren’t 100 percent sure that’s what it was at the time), and he claimed that he simply ran fast enough to bridge the gap between worlds on his own. The crossover has always seemed a bit out of sequence with events on The Flash, but this week’s synopsis makes it seem that wherever it fits in, it’s still a few weeks down the road.It’s also cool that Cisco and his Vibe powers are going to be key to more inter-world travel. His Earth-2 double suggested that he was capable of much more than simply getting glimpses of people and things from parallel Earths, and his comic book


The CW has released the synopsis for Season 2 episode 20, “Rupture.” Just as we thought The Flash couldn’t get any crazier on the cusp of this week’s “Versus Zoom” showdown, it’s also been revealed metahuman Griffin Grey will go after Harrison Wells in episode 19, “Back to Normal.” Even more, we can now expect some kind of ‘vibing’ going on between Cisco (aka Vibe) and his Earth-2 supervillain brother Dante Ramon, who calls himself Rupture.The episode synopses also suggest Iris and Barry may actually have a heart-to-heart regarding their longstanding romantic feelings for one another. Wally West appears to be asking some serious questions about The Flash’s true identity because he’s penned to ‘corner’ Joe during the April 26th episode. A recent image released by CW show Zoom gripping up a frightened Wally West in STAR Labs, so it sounds like ‘Kid Flash’ won’t find out about Barry’s secret identity (if at all) until after the “Rupture” episode.

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