Watch Survivor Season 32 Episode 10 Online

Watch Survivor Season 32 Episode 10 Online

Watch Survivor Season 32 Episode 10 Online,With just a few episodes left, the upcoming episode of ” Survivor: Kaoh Rong” hints that the newly formed alliance of Julia, Scot, Jason and Tai will put a big scare on other castaways.As seen in the promo clip for the upcoming 10th episode “I’m Not Here to Make Good Friends,” Scot tells Julia that she will be playing both sides but she will be coming with them. The other side refers to the group of Aubry, Michele, Joe and Cydney.


Watch Survivor Season 32 Episode 10 Online

Aubry then had her say on her fellow ex-Beauty tribe member Julia. “If I have to turn on her, I’m ready to fight,” said Aubry.Julia made a big stride on winning in the previous Individual Immunity Challenge. It challenged the castaways’ skills when they were asked to navigate through obstacles, then place blocks in a line while avoiding ropes that would topple the tiles that they had placed. The aligned blocks was then set to fall in sequential order resembling a domino effect.The Reward Challenge saw Julia make another big game-changing move as she decided to join the alliance of Tai, Jason, and Scot.Also seen in the trailer is Michele, Aubry and Julia talking about how formidable the said alliance could be. “The three guys have two idols, that scares me, that scares me too,” they said while walking for an errand.


This was then followed by Jason bragging in an interview how unstoppable they are now that Julia is on their side. Jason having an immunity surprised other castaways in the last episode and this was then given to Tai to form a super idol — a new twist for this new season of “Survivor” which basically allows the holder to save a castaway who was voted out after the results were tallied.Host Jeff Probst was seen at the end of the trailer reminding the castaways that the possibility of having another blindside should never be ignored. It will be remembered that such scenario happened in Nick’s exit.”Survivor: Kaoh Rong” episode 10 airs on April 20, 8 p.m. ET, on CBS.

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