watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online,Pure Genius (originally titled Bunker Hill) is an American medical drama television series created by Jason Katims, starring Dermot Mulroney. The show was ordered at the CBS upfronts 2016 to air in the network’s 2016–17 TV schedule.

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online,The series was picked up on May 13, 2016,and premiered on October 27, 2016.On November 21, 2016, CBS announced that it would not order more episodes than the 13 episodes commissioned.

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online

The production for the first season will wrap up on December 15, 2016,and the remaining commissioned episodes are expected to be broadcast for the remainder of its run.

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online,James Bell is a Silicon Valley billionaire who dreams of building a hospital with ultimate cutting-edge technology to treat rare and incurable diseases. He partners with a maverick surgeon, Dr. Walter Wallace, who leads the effort in clearing out the bureaucracy of medicine, and focus on forward thinking, advancing technology, and saving lives—at no cost to the patient.

watch Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 11 online,Dr. Wallace gets fired for performing a non-FDA-approved procedure on an eight-year-old patient who died. He is invited to join Bunker Hill and has his body 3D scanned to be immortalized as an action figure. James gives him the quick tour. Margo comes in for help with her unborn child as she has cancer. They need to keep her alive until her fetus reaches 20 weeks to be viable before they can do her surgery to remove the cancer and save the mother. Wallace practices surgery on a 3D model of the tumor. At 146 days the baby is saved, as well as the mother. A 15-year-old girl, Krissy Ramirez, is in a coma; Dr. Channarayapatra gets her transferred to Bunker Hill and they use a cutting edge brain-to-brain mind reading system to communicate with her. Her father talks to her, and she sends a message via the helmet. James tests positive for GSS and it is determined that is why he built Bunker Hill and why he brings in a GSS patient, Louis Keating.

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