watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online

watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online,Clifford’s Puppy Days is an American animated children’s television series that originally aired on both PBS and PBS Kids from September 15, 2003 to October 13, 2004.

watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online

watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online,A prequel to the original Clifford the Big Red Dog, it features the adventures of Clifford during his puppy days before he became a big red dog and before moving to Birdwell Island.

watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online

watch Puppy Days Season 1 Episode 5 online,The series was cancelled in 2004 following low ratings.[citation needed] Reruns aired regularly following the cancellation, though they were halted in 2006. Since then, occasional reruns continue to air.

In the UK the show aired on CBeebies from 2004 to early 2011 and like the original series, the show was dubbed with British voice actors, replacing the original American soundtrack.

The series focuses on when Clifford is a tiny red puppy, the runt of the litter in a litter of puppies given birth to by the pet dog of Emily Elizabeth’s neighbor, Mr. Bradley (who appeared in an episode of the first cartoon series, “Little Clifford”) and after he had been adopted by Emily Elizabeth and before he grew up into a giant red adult dog, forcing the Howards to move to Birdwell Island so Clifford would have plenty of room, so the series shows Clifford and Emily Elizabeth’s life and friends before they moved from the city to Birdwell Island and all of their adventures.

Clifford (voiced by Lara Jill Miller; Lizzie Waterworth in the British version as a puppy) – Pet number 2 (but dog number 1) of Emily Elizabeth. An ironically small puppy who is highly playful and always looks forward to meet new friends. He loves to play with his toys, eat dog treats, and like Daffodil he loves to take naps. His best friend is Jorge and his older sister is Daffodil (who is a rabbit), who cares very deeply for him.

A Holland Lop, pet number 1 of Emily Elizabeth, and also Clifford’s helper, protector, and sister. She is portrayed as a very neat rabbit. She loves to take walks, take naps, eat carrots, and play with Clifford and her toys. Her catchphrase is “sure I’m sure”. She sometimes gets annoyed by Clifford, but whenever Clifford is crying, scared, needs help, or just feels alone, she is always there for him. In the first half of the series she was originally pink but her fur was changed to white in the second half.

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