Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 18 Online

Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 18 Online

Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 18 Online,You guys all know how much we love Rulan here at melty HQ. The pair have far more interesting back stories than some regular Once Upon A Time characters, and we could easily see them taking Robin’s place as central members of the group (soz, Hood fans). For that matter, we’d also love to see Merida kicking ass as only Brave’s hero princess can. Amy Manson’s ginger Scotswoman won’t return until the Season 5 finale, but never fear – Ruby and Mulan return to the action THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!


Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 18 Online

Right, down to business. First photo: who the hell is that bloke chatting with Zelena?! We genuinely have no idea who he is, where he’s come from, or why he’s wearing a pair of headphones… The only conclusion we can make is that this is one of the many flashbacks we’ll be treated to in Episode 18. We’ve gotta admit, the prospect of the WIcked Witch of the West making friends with a random normal-world passer-by makes us chuckle… There is also a photo of the Badass Ladies Three (Ruby, Mulan and Dorothy). There appears to be something interesting in Mulan’s hand. It’s tiny, small enough so we can’t see it – could it be a magic bean?


You can get a small taste of what is to come in this episode in the sneak peek below, where you see Meghan Ory’s character alongside Mulan (Jamie Chung) in Oz, and the two end up running into Dorothy and her “little dog” Toto. As it turns out, Toto’s got quite a nose for wolves, but Dorothy at first things that Ruby or Mulan are a witch upon first approaching them. For the most part, that’s who her pooch has apparently been trained to detect.

As soon as she is corrected, it is then on to the next order of business, which is for the most part trying to find a way in order to ensure that Dorothy is directed the right way, and that there’s a good relationship forged between the three of them. This could prove valuable rather quickly, given that Zelena is apparently quickly approaching at the end of the preview.

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