Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online,No Offence is a 2015 British television police procedural comedy-drama shown on Channel 4, created by Paul Abbott.

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online,The show follows a team of detectives from the Manchester Metropolitan Police (a fictionalised version of Greater Manchester Police), focusing on their investigation into the serial murders of girls with Down’s syndrome.The show was filmed on location in Manchester.Channel 4 have renewed No Offence for a second series of eight episodes.It will begin broadcasting on 4 January 2017.

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online,D.I. Viv Deering (Joanna Scanlan) is scathing in her leadership of a team of detectives at the Manchester Metropolitan Police. D.C. Dinah Kowalska (Elaine Cassidy) misses out on a promotion to D.S. due to a mistake in her professionalism, but she proceeds to uncover a link between a murder, the body of a drowned woman and the disappearance of a third girl. The team soon realise someone is killing Down syndrome girls across Manchester, and, while negotiating different cases, they attempt to solve the case as more girls come into danger.

Watch No Offence Season 2 Episode 1 Online,Dinah catches sight of a wanted robbery suspect on her home from a night out, but when she chases him right into the path of a double decker bus, her candidacy for promotion to sergeant is thrown into question. Meanwhile, two young girls with down’s syndrome have been murdered, and a third young girl is missing. Dinah notices a link between all three cases, and it’s not long before the team find themselves running out of time to find the latest victim before the killer strikes again.

As Dinah lends a helping hand to the victim Cathy Calvert, Viv and the team feel the force of the repercussions as they find themselves outranked as the case is handed over to McLaren’s team. Meanwhile, Joy’s first case as Sergeant leads her and Spike onto the trail of a deadly drug that already claimed the lives of three victims. Using a rather underhand tactic, they manage to stake-out the location of the drug factory before securing the evidence they need to arrest their prime suspect.

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