Watch NCIS Season 13 Episode 21 Online

Watch NCIS Season 13 Episode 21 Online

Watch NCIS Season 13 Episode 21 Online ,NCIS sets into motion the events that will play out in the season finale. In the episode “Return to Sender,” Gibbs and his team join forces with his pal Fornell and the FBI to track down two British prisoners, one a former spy, that escape and arrive in the United States via a shipping container.The CBS drama is also working its way toward Michael Weatherly’s final moments on the show. Weatherly will leave the show at the end of this season and his character, Senior Agent Tony DiNozzo, suffered a bit of an identity crisis in the last episode that will likely play into his decision to make a major life change.


Watch NCIS Season 13 Episode 21 Online

When two British prisoners, one a former spy, escape custody and make their way stateside via a shipping container, NCIS and the FBI will have to team up to track them down. Joe Spano will reprise his role as Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) good friend and FBI Agent T.C. Fornell to assist on the case. Also look for a return visit from Alan Dale, who plays former NCIS director and current Homeland Senior Division Chief Tom Morrow.The first clues on the case come at a laser tag arena where two dead bodies are found. DiNozzo uncovers a secret room where he finds an empty weapons container and cut cash bands.


Click here to watch the episode live via CBS All Access. You can also watch the episode online by clicking here(only in the US).A promo for the episode opens with Timothy McGee and Bishop investigating a case and Timothy saying, “These are prison jumpsuits.” She replies, “Are we looking at the bad end of a prison escape?”Then we see senior FBI agent Tobias C Fornell and Gibbs coming face-to-face. The promo’s voice-over says, “They will tag team with the FBI on a case to unravel until the very end.” The NCIS team finds missing weapons at a laser tag arena and Bishop says, “Who keeps a spy stash in the laser tag area?”

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