Watch Limitless Season 1 Episode 21 Online

Watch Limitless Season 1 Episode 21 Online

Watch Limitless Season 1 Episode 21 Online ,CBS’ hit action dramedy TV series “Limitless” Season 1 once again took a quick break last week. This Tuesday, however, a brand new episode of the show will be hitting the airwaves and is called “Finale: Part One!”Spoiler alert for those who missed Episode 20 “Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris,” Brian finally comes clean about his mission for Senator Morra. He also admitted that Sands was actually the one who killed Rebecca’s father. The FBI agent then took action on the matter. Brian, meanwhile, decided to share the drug to his colleague and together they set forth in a mission to bring down Sands.


Watch Limitless Season 1 Episode 21 Online

It wasn’t easy for the two to trace down the culprit. In fact, Rebecca almost died when one of Sand’s men shot her from afar. Luckily, Brian was there to administer a quick field surgery. Agent Harris survived and went on to arrest the man in question.This Tuesday, things are about to get even more intense and complicated as the Season draws closer to its conclusion. The network still hasn’t released any promo materials, both photos or videos, about Episode 21 but the fans can deduce that it would be an exciting one.In fact the synopsis from The Futon Critic¬†seems to suggest that the viewers will finally get to see the country’s enforcement agency taking the matters regarding the widespread and illegal distribution of the NZT in the entire city.


“When NZT floods the streets of New York City and threatens to become a national epidemic, the FBI partners with the DOJ in a city-wide manhunt to find the lab producing the drug,” the synopsis reads.Meanwhile, the current developments will see Brian struggling to adjust to his new reality when he realize that he now lacks the resources to continue his search for Piper.Find out how these events unfold when “Limitless” Season 1 Penultimate episode premieres this Tuesday, Apr. 19 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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