watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online,Intervention is an American documentary television series that premiered on March 6, 2005 on A&E. It follows one/two participant(s), who are dependent or are addicted, documented in anticipation of an intervention by family and/or friends.

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online,During the intervention, each participant is given an ultimatum: go into rehabilitation immediately, or risk losing contact, income, or other privileges from the loved ones who instigated the intervention. The producers usually follow up a while later to monitor the addicted person’s progress and film it for “follow-up” episodes of the series or for shorter “web updates” available on the show’s website.

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online,On May 24, 2013, A&E announced they had concluded the series, with remaining episodes to begin airing in June 2013.The final episode in the lineup aired on July 18, 2013 and concluded with reflections from past addicts and a thank you from the producers to the interventionists, family members, treatment centers, and addicts themselves. On August 5, 2014, however, LMN announced the revival of the series with a new season premiering in 2015.A&E revealed the return of the show on January 13, 2015,and aired both a special behind-the-scenes episode—providing viewers with first-hand accounts at the filming process by the production crew, as well as updates from former addicts—and the Season 14 premiere on March 22, 2015.

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online,The show follows one or two participants who are either substance dependent or have severe addiction. They are filmed over a period of time until an intervention conducted with an interventionist, in which they are often captured using drugs, alcohol, or the substance they are abusive of. Relatives, friends and closed ones are interviewed by the producers, with certain parts intercut with the footage of the show. The interventions are often practiced or prepared ahead of the time the addict(s) walks in. Once started, they are given an ultimatum: Either they undergo a 90-day, all-expenses-paid treatment plan at a rehabilitation facility, or risk losing contact, income or privileges from their relatives, friends and close ones.

watch Intervention Season 17 Episode 10 online,As in real life, several addicts have walked out although almost all eventually accept treatment. As of 2012, only four addicts have completely refused: Alissa in Season 1, Marquel in Season 8, Adam in Season 9, and Larry in Season 11. A fifth person, Sean in Season 12, agreed to go but bailed during the drive. In addition, Betsy in Season 2 accepted treatment, as long as her boyfriend could go too. During a layover in Chicago, the two decided to go home and try.

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