Watch House of Lies Season 5 Episode 2 Online

Watch House of Lies Season 5 Episode 2 Online

Watch House of Lies Season 5 Episode 2 Online,

“House of Lies” season 5 episode 2 is entitled “Game Theory.” According to Ecumenical News, Mark will file a sexual harassment lawsuit to Jeannie. As seen in the promo trailer for the episode, Mark will meet Jeannie to talk about a serious matter, which leads the her to think that Mark wants to split up with her.The trailer revealed that Mark negated Jeannie’s thoughts about splitting up and instead told the her that he has filed a sexual harassment claim. While his revelation is stunning for Jeannie, Mark continues to explain that he informed Human Resources that she coerced him into a sexual relationship.


Watch House of Lies Season 5 Episode 2 Online

From Mark’s point of view, he filed the harassment claim, since he wants to think about his future, after rumors have surfaced that the firm is threatening his department. Contrary to her boyfriend’s beliefs, Jeannie explains that she stands as the company’s CFO and nobody is asking him to leave the company.The bottom line is that it seems that Mark is only interested to obtain finance from Jeannie if the she opts to engage with the case. In addition, the money he would get from his girlfriend will be used for his plans of becoming a teacher.In other news, “House of Lies” actor Schwartz, who is playing Clyde in the show, has also revealed what fans can expect from the series’ succeeding episodes, saying that the season is set to have a lighter tone.


A sneak preview of the episode shows a glimpse of Jeannie’s boyfriend’s bomb-dropping on her. Mark meets her to talk about something serious. At first, Jeannie thinks that he is going to break up with her, which Mark instantly denies. However, he tells her that he filed a sexual harassment claim against her, which totally shocks her. He explains further that he told Human Resources that she forced him into a sexual relationship.Mark reveals that the lawsuit against her is not entirely her fault or about her; he even admits that their relationship has been great and she’s pack full of fun. The reason why he did it is because he wanted to start thinking about his future after speculations came out that the company is gunning his department. Jeannie points out that she is the CFO of the company and no one is firing him, to which he accuses her of “feeding the corporate monolith.” It turns out; Mark only wants to get money from her if she prefers to settle the case. The money he will get will serve as his financial cushion to chase his dream of being a teacher.

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