Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream,Timeless is an American science fiction drama series, filmed in Vancouver, Canada, ordered by NBC for its 2016–17 television season debuted on October 3, 2016.It stars Goran Višnjić as a time-traveling criminal who steals a time machine in order to change the course of American history and destroy the country.

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream,Charged with the job of traveling back in time to catch him is a team made up of a history professor (Abigail Spencer), a soldier (Matt Lanter), and a scientist (Malcolm Barrett).Also starring Paterson Joseph and Sakina Jaffrey, the series was created by Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke. Executive producers include John Davis and John Fox of The Blacklist.

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream,Long considered one of NBC’s hot pilots, it was ordered to series on May 13, 2016, after lengthy negotiations over the series’ in-season stacking rights, which allow a network to stream online all episodes of a series’ current season.

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream,When an experimental time machine is stolen by criminal mastermind Garcia Flynn, a team consisting of history professor Lucy Preston, her bodyguard Wyatt Logan, and engineer Rufus Carlin is sent back in time using a prototype machine to capture him. However, they soon realize that Flynn and his associates are plotting to rewrite American history, and that each of them has a connection to his plan.

Timeless Season 1 Episode 2 Live Stream,The first season of Timeless received generally positive reviews from television critics. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season an approval rating of 84% based on reviews from 37 critics. The site’s critic consensus states, “Timeless is a fun throwback action series with a kooky premise worth watching, even if it is delivered clumsily at times.”Metacritic, which uses a normalized rating, gave the first season a score of 65 out of 100, based on reviews from 28 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews”.

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