Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream,Shameless is an American comedy-drama television series which airs on Showtime. This remake of the British series is set in Chicago, although filmed in Los Angeles, with the exterior scenes shot in Chicago.

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream,The series depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six children. While he spends his days drunk, his kids learn to take care of themselves.

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream,The show’s producers sought to distinguish it from previous American working-class shows by highlighting how Frank’s alcoholism affects his family.Paul Abbott, the show’s creator, has said, “It’s not My Name Is Earl or Roseanne. It’s got a much graver level of poverty attached to it. It’s not blue collar; it’s no collar.”When John Wells, the showrunner, began pitching the show, he had to fight efforts to place the show in the South or in a trailer park. He explained, “We have a comedic tradition of making fun of the people in those worlds. The reality is that these people aren’t ‘the other’ – they’re people who live four blocks down from you and two blocks over”.

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream,HBO began developing an American version of Shameless after striking a deal with John Wells in January 2009.By October 2009 the development had moved to Showtime. John Wells Productions filmed a pilot episode for the cable network in December 2009.William H. Macy stars in the lead role as Frank Gallagher.Also joining the cast were former Dragonball Evolution co-stars Emmy Rossum as Fiona and Justin Chatwin as Steve.Paul Abbott, whose semi-autobiographical telescript became the pilot episode for the original UK version, is credited as an executive producer on the U.S. version.

Shameless (US) Season 7 Episode 4 Live Stream,In April 2010, Showtime green-lit the series with a twelve-episode order.In late August Joan Cusack was cast as Sheila, a romantic interest for Frank, replacing Allison Janney, who portrayed the role in the pilot.Production began in mid-September.

A preview of the pilot aired on December 12, 2010, after the Season 5 finale of Dexter. The first season officially began airing on Showtime on Sunday, January 9, 2011.It is filmed in the North Lawndale[11] community area of Chicago and Burbank, California, at Warner Bros. Studios. Before the cold open, a main character breaks the fourth wall and berates the viewer who missed previous episodes by identifying plot points relevant to the current episode.

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