Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream

Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream,Ransom is an internationally co-produced drama television series created by David Vainola and produced by Frank Spotnitz, starring Luke Roberts, that began airing on CBS.

Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream

Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream,Ordered straight-to-series with 13 episodes on June 6, 2016,the series is a co-production between Canada’s Global, France’s TF1, the United States’ CBS and Germany’s RTL.The series premiered on CBS on January 1, 2017.

Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream

The series follows Eric Beaumont, an experienced crisis and hostage negotiator, and his team, who solve kidnap and ransom cases with the most dangerous criminals in the world.

Ransom is inspired by the professional experiences of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert who with his partner, Marwan Mery, are among the top negotiators in the world. Together, they travel around the globe to help multinational corporations and governmental agencies with complex negotiations and conflict resolution.

Ransom Season 1 Episode 2 live stream,Getting an unlikely series premiere on Jan. 1 and then airing in an even more unlikely Saturday primetime slot, the drama Ransom isn’t the worst new show CBS has premiered in the past 12 months. Heck, it may not be one of the 10 worst new shows the network has premiered in the past 12 months. But whereas most of those critical duds boasted big stars or promising brand names, or at least comfortable time periods to help hook viewers, Ransom is being thrown out there to cause “What the heck is this show and why is it on CBS during the regular broadcasting season?” confusion. After watching the pilot, Ransom remains inexplicable — and mediocre.

Actually, maybe CBS isn’t hoping to cause confusion, but rather to capitalize on confusion on as many as three fronts.

The network likes to make shows using familiar titles like Rush Hour or The Odd Couple or MacGyver or Training Day. It’s baked into CBS’ DNA at this point and it’s probably baked into CBS’ viewer expectations. Ransom was the title of a successful movie back in the day and it wouldn’t be at all surprising for the net to have done a movie based on it. Despite having a hostage-negotiating backdrop, though, CBS’ Ransom has nothing to do with the Mel Gibson movie in which he was very eager to get his son back.

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