Quantico Season 1 Episode 17 Live Stream

Quantico Season 1 Episode 17 Live Stream

Quantico Season 1 Episode 17 Live Stream,ABC TV series “Quantico” premiered Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. and introduced the members of the FBI academy’s newest class. It showcased the destruction by a fledgling agent who staged one of the worst attacks on America since 9/11.“Quantico” finally returned for the second part of its season on March 6 and many viewers witnessed Priyanka Chopra’s character, Alex Parrish, get closer to finding out who the real bomber is.


Quantico Season 1 Episode 17 Live Stream

Latest ‘Quantico’ spoilers reveal that episode 17 will have heavy drama and action-packed scenes. One of which is the impending reunion of Shelby’s supposed-to-be dead parents and their daughter. Also, it is questionable if Alex will do the final mission asked by the Voice.In the sneak peek released by ABC, there will be a great reunion to happen for one of FBI agents. Shelby is set to reunite with her parents, who she thought were dead in the 9/11 incident. But after Caleb’s revelation, Shelby’s life turned upside down.


But the question remains-how will she react when she meet her parents? According to Enstarz, she is a bit hesitant to meet them. She thinks that she has been living a lie, for 15 years. The lie also actually made her to join the FBI. However, ABC reports that while she’s hesitant to do so, she does not want to miss the chance to see them again.The reunion scene might bring enough drama to the table this week. Meanwhile, Alex’s life is still miserable.  Many people near her are already affected by her connection with the terrorists. Last episode of ‘Quantico’, Alex’s unlikely ally Hanna has lost her job at FBI after saving Claire from an assassination attempt. Now, Simon is at Alex’s side to help track down the terrorist.But Simon’s desire to help Alex may put his life in great danger, according to the synopsis of ‘Quantico’ episode 17. IBTimes reports, however, that Simon’s help may pay off soon. As seen in the trailer, Alex is close to finding the terrorist’s identity.In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Joshua Safran said that Alex is on the last and final mission. But it is still not sure if Alex will do the task asked by the Voice or not. If she does, she will not hear from the terrorist again and therefore not be able to track them down.

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