Oscer 2016

Oscer 2016

The big prize(Oscer 2016) for the night is a three-horse race between Spotlight, The Big Short and The Reverent . Early money was on Spotlight and then The Big Short won the Producer’s Guild Award, which has successfully predicted the Best Picture Oscar winner over the last eight years.

Date & Time:February 28, 2016

5:30 PM


Oscer 2016

While different in their approaches, Spotlight and The Big Short are both films dealing with social justice issues, which the Hollywood elite loves. This could very well split the vote between them, leaving The Revenant to come in from behind and scoop the Best Picture gong for those who wanted to vote for something different.Even though its characterization is thin and the actual story is second-rate, the film is a thing of beauty to watch the transcendent shots set up by Emmanuel Lubezki (who’s up for his third consecutive Cinematography Oscar)..

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony-206


The Oscars rarely give two back-to-back awards for directing. The last time it happened was in 1950 and it only occurred once before that.It’s really a contest between Alejandro G. Inarritu, winner last year for Birdman, and George Miller, whose visions for their films were bold and passionate. They both slaved to get their movies made and it was evident on screen with their works oozing with a distinct style and a clear love for film-making.Miller had the early momentum but it’s now swinging behind Insularity who picked up the Director’s Guild Award. And the Academy doesn’t like splitting up the Best Picture and Best Director gongs.There are many who feel DiCaprio is “owed” an Oscar with his starpower and five Oscar nominations and this looks to be the year after a campaign based on the hardship the actor endured during filming for The Revenant — he ate raw bison and stood in an icy river for hours. He’s picked up every major lead-up award for his role as real-life frontiersman Hugh Glass.

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