I Am Cait eason 2 Episode 5 Live Stream

I Am Cait eason 2 Episode 5 Live Stream

I Am Cait eason 2 Episode 5 Live Stream,Before we get down to the meat of last night’s episode of I Am Cait, a question: What does a person have to do in order to get an entire DMV closed down for them? This is a serious inquiry. Is it money? Influence? A favor called in from a government official? Whatever it is, on last night’s episode, Caitlyn somehow pulls it off and gets a photo taken for her first non-Bruce driver’s license with artistic direction from Kourtney and Kim. It’s sweet of the girls to show up for her like this, hilariously on-brand for Kim to offer to hold up extra lighting as the photo was taken, and a properly big moment when Caitlyn has her new ID card in her hands.


I Am Cait eason 2 Episode 5 Live Stream

With her new ID in tow, the road trip rolls on, even though at one point Caitlyn just leaves all the other women at a hotel in Santa Fe so she can go to the Glamour Woman of the Year award ceremony, which sort of cracked me up, if only because it reminded me of how I’d host sleepovers as a kid and then always be the first one to fall asleep. At the same time, it’s sort of fascinating to see all of the other women interacting with each other with Caitlyn out of the equation. This episode really underscores the difference between all of them, a nuance that got a little lost in the political debate that took up much of the first two episodes. This isn’t a half a dozen progressive women and Caitlyn; it’s a group of individuals. That sounds really simplistic, and it’s not that I didn’t intellectually know that before. But getting to see their separate personalities emerge was really interesting.


Those individual differences were highlighted when the women talked about going to the drag show in Chicago. For Candis and Chandi, performing in that context has always been a vital and affirming part of their lives; for Jenny, the idea that trans women are somehow performing their gender feels off and uncomfortable. There’s some back and forth, and it gets tense; in particular, Chandi gets highly emotional. But once again, it feels a lot like what Kate and Jenny did in last week’s episode: modeling for Caitlyn that you can disagree with someone, but still move forward with solidarity and in support. And the show itself is delightful, and I would like Candis Cayne to be the MC of all of my life events forever.

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