Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream,Guy’s Grocery Games (often nicknamed Triple G) is an American reality-based cooking television game show hosted by Guy Fieri on Food Network.

Guy's Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream,Each episode features four chefs competing in a three-round elimination contest, cooking food with ingredients found in a supermarket grocery store (“Flavortown Market”) as Fieri poses unusual challenges to them. The winning chef can collect up to $20,000 in a shopping spree bonus round.

Guy's Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream,In each round, Guy assigns a dish and issues a challenge to the chefs. Then they have 30 minutes to shop for ingredients from the market, prepare, and plate their dishes. The chefs must cook their dishes and complete four platings (three for the judges and one “beauty plate”) before time runs out. At the end of each round, the judges will taste and evaluate the dishes and select one chef to be “checked out” – eliminated from the game with no winnings. The judges are introduced by Guy during the first round. There are two judging tables for the judges, one when the chefs are shopping and cooking and one during judgings and eliminations.

The winning chef advances to the bonus round, “Guy’s Shopping Spree,” in which he/she has two minutes to find one specific item in each of the market’s 10 aisles and put it in his/her cart. The chef may pass on an item and return to that aisle later if time allows. Each item found is worth $2,000, for a potential top prize of $20,000.Chefs must be 18 years or older to appear on the show.In “Holly, Jolly Meals”, a special box could be picked up in the bonus round for an additional $5,000, bringing the top prize to $25,000.”Moms Know Best” was a Mother’s Day challenge in which four mothers competed and Fieri’s mother made a guest appearance.”Grocery Grillin'” was a special episode (dubbed Guy’s Grocery Grilling Games or Quadruple G) for Food Network’s Grilling Week where the contestants had to make grilled dishes.

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream,In “Food Network Stars Take Over Flavortown”, former Food Network Star winners Jeff Mauro, Aaron McCargo Jr., Melissa d’Arabian, and Justin Warner competed for charities of their choice. Aaron won with $20,000 and the runners-up’ charities each got $3,500.

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 11 Live Stream,”Food Network All-Stars Take to the Aisles” has Chopped judges Marc Murphy and Alex Guarnaschelli, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and TV Host Marcel Vigneron competing. The winner was Alex with $18,000 and the runners-up each got $5,000 for their charities.

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