Girls Season 5 Episode 8 Live Stream

Girls Season 5 Episode 8 Live Stream

Girls Season 5 Episode 8 Live Stream,The upcoming episode of “Girls” will feature Fran (Jake Lacy) going on a road trip with Hannah (Lena Dunham), who doesn’t seem too excited about the venture. Marnie (Allison Williams), on the other hand, will deal with Desi’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) acting immature. Meanwhile, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Adam (Adam Driver) have an argument over Hannah.


Girls Season 5 Episode 8 Live Stream

A promo video¬†for season 5 episode 8 titled “Homeward Bound” has been released. The video starts out with Fran saying, “We are on the road. We can do whatever we want for the whole summer. It’s just us,” which Hannah doesn’t seem too happy to hear as she sticks her head out the car window. Meanwhile, Desi doesn’t speak to Marnie, Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) feels lost, Adam doesn’t want to talk about Hannah and Jessa loathes Hannah’s self-centered attitude.The synopsis for the episode reads: “Stranded after her summer road trip with Fran is cut short, Hannah is rescued by Ray, but their trip back to NYC gets derailed. When he hasn’t heard from Caroline, Adam stops by Laird’s (Jon Glaser) place and stays to help with the baby. Back from Japan, Shoshanna gets a wakeup call over a sushi lunch. While recording a new song, Marnie is given parameters for her relationship with Desi.”


Fran and Hannah got into an argument over the latter’s actions when she was called into the principal’s office for her behavior. She attempted to break things off with Fran, but he didn’t think she was serious. So, she attends Adam’s play with Ray (Alex Karpovsky) instead.While at the play, Hannah realized – over Adam and Jessa making eyes at each other – that the two have been hooking up. Desi suddenly appeared and brings good news to Marnie: someone from “Grey’s Anatomy” has asked to use their song in a scene.As all of this was going on, Elijah (Andrew Rannells) was getting his heart broken by Dill (Corey Stoll), who revealed at a party that he has been seeing a number of other men. Dill tells him that he needs to figure out if he’s up for that kind of thing. Elijah leaves, but later sees Dill again when the latter shows up drunk at his apartment.

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