Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream,Conviction is an American legal drama television series on ABC.It premiered on Monday, October 3, 2016.The series, starring Hayley Atwell, was picked up from pilot on May 12, 2016.A full trailer was released on May 17, 2016.

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream,Former First Daughter Hayes Morrison is blackmailed into heading the Conviction Integrity Unit, a department comprising lawyers, detectives and forensic experts who re-examine cases where there is suspicion of wrongful conviction.

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream,After lawyer Hayes Morrison, daughter of a former President of the United States, is arrested for cocaine possession, she is blackmailed by her former adversary and current district attorney into heading his new Conviction Integrity Unit. Putting her in charge provides publicity and makes him look good. Hayes reluctantly accepts in order to save herself and her family from public embarrassment. She and her team take the case of Odell Dwyer, a “good-looking black poster-boy” in prison for murdering his girlfriend back when the two were in high school. Through investigation of the forensics, the case detective, and scene re-creation, Hayes and the CIU prove that Odell was not the murderer.

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream,Hayes decides to go after one of Wallace’s career-making cases, the Prospect 3. They were three boys charged with raping and assaulting a woman, Zadie Daniels, on her way from work. Zadie was hit by a brick in the head, so she does not remember the attack, but the media had called her a hero. None of the members of the group—Mike, Brian, or Seamus—had DNA matching the semen, but after long interrogations they confessed, each one blaming the other. After learning that Zadie and the Prospect 3’s timeline did not match up, the CIU discover that Zadie had sex with a married man the night of the assault, the source of the DNA. And that Brian had previously attacked other females, including his foster sister, which is why Wallace was sure that the three boys were the culprits. Hayes gets Brian to admit that he was the only person responsible for the assault, so that Mike and Seamus could be freed. Although she proves two people innocent, Hayes feels depressed, as Zadie’s reputation is now ruined by the media.

Conviction Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream,When the pilot was being cast, the main character’s name was reported as “Carter Morrison”, which could have been a reference to Atwell’s former role of Peggy Carter in ABC’s Agent Carter.The character was renamed “Hayes Morrison” before the pilot was filmed.

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