American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream,American Housewife is an American sitcom television series that debuted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 in the 2016–17 television season on ABC.Created and written by Sarah Dunn and co-executive produced with Aaron Kaplan, Kenny Schwartz, Rick Wiener, and Ruben Fleischer, the Kapital Entertainment–ABC Studios co-production was greenlighted to series order on May 12, 2016.

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream,A preview was released on May 17, 2016.On November 4, 2016, ABC gave a full season order of 22 episodes for the first season.An additional episode was ordered on December 13, 2016, for a 23 episode season.

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream,The series chronicles the daily life of an average wife and mother who tries to stand out among the snobby housewives and their privileged children in her hometown of Westport, Connecticut.After the second-fattest housewife in Westport moves out of the Otto family’s neighborhood, Katie tries to ensure that another heavyset woman moves into the home to avoid moving up to the spot herself.Upset over Taylor spending so much time with new neighbor Viv, Katie tells Viv that she plans to participate in the annual Westport Zombie Run, with the intention of beating Viv and winning her daughter back.

When Anna-Kat submits a family drawing for a local children’s art fair that portrays her mom as huge and round, Katie goes to great lengths to get it replaced with something else. While she is out, Katie leaves Doris in charge of the kids, and they don’t react well to her much stricter parenting style. Meanwhile, Greg has an idea for an article that he thinks will finally earn him tenure, but his writing routine is constantly interrupted by family membersKatie tries to fit in with the other Westport moms in order to get Anna-Kat invited to a popular girl’s birthday party. When Anna-Kat still isn’t invited, Katie vents to Angela and Doris, and realizes her daughter doesn’t need a bunch of friends, just a couple of close ones. Elsewhere, Greg tries to convince Taylor that she can’t get by on her athletic ability alone, while Oliver complains about a flawed polo shirt that his mom bought at an outlet store.

American Housewife Season 1 Episode 10 live stream,Katie’s mother Kathryn (Wendie Malick) shows up for Thanksgiving, and typically wants to be the center of attention. Just prior, Katie met with Anna-Kat’s teacher, who said Anna-Kat is more anxious than normal, and Katie realizes her own anxiety over her mother is affecting her daughter. Also, an unwanted guest (Viv) crashes the Otto family Thanksgiving.

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